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  • La cabane de gardian

 Gardians, fishermen and shepherds live in huts which are easily recognizable thanks to their geometric shape, a juxtaposition of a parallelepiped, a cylinder, a cone and a prism.

The traditional architecture of this hut is the perfect mix between simplicity and ingeniousness. Its apse has its back turned to the mistral (a high north wind in Provence).

Its walls are whitewashed and a rafter with an extremity sometimes topped by a bull’s horn or a transversal piece of wood, goes through its big roof. This rafter, put on the opposite side of the apse of the hut repels the lightning and on windy days a rope is tied to the rafter and fasten to the ground.

Formerly, the walls of the hut used to be built with materials from the marsh: clay and reeds.

Nowadays, other materials are used...but its architecture is still appreciated for the pleasure found in keeping traditions alive or simply for its adaptation to the climatic conditions.